Know Your Niche
Written by Chris Roell on July 14th 2018.
Have you ever had a conversation with someone about something you're absolutely obsessed with. The "you know all the details about the entire topic" type of conversation.

Now let's say the person you are talking to speaks as though they know everything about that topic as well, but it is clear that they are full of it. It's obvious, right?

For this example, say the topic of conversation is the NBA (National Basketball Association). You are talking about the various teams, conferences, players, and upcoming playoff matchups. 

The other individual starts expressing his mutual interest, but has teams misplaced, out-of-date players, and adds in a few rules from the wrong sport.

You would be holding off laughter right?

Now this example is exaggerated, but it is unfortunately true about some business' advertising. They don't know how to talk to their ideal customers. They don't understand the "language." They don't understand the "culture." They don't truly understand the problems.

Don't let this be you. Know your niche.

Chris Roell

Chris Roell and CSR Media help brands scale their online sales. If your sales aren't where you want them to be, reach out to CSR Media ( and their team will improve your results ten-fold. Finally learn how to talk to your customers and get them to buy!
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